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Carlos Moran

My name is Carlos Moran, and I am a proud American. As the second eldest of thirteen children, I learned the value of full-time work at the age of fourteen in the agricultural fields of California. I overcame social, economic, and language barriers to achieve a higher education.

I proudly served our country in the United States Army during the Vietnam conflict. I served our country as a public servant as an investigator who worked in the areas of the National Security and criminal investigations in the U.S. department of justice and the department of the Navy.

So Why Choose Me As Your Attorney?

As a trial lawyer, I use my previous investigative experience in cases ranging from drug offenses to homicides to fight for the freedom of those who place their trust in me. With non U.S. citizens I use my experience with the Federal Government has proven valuable in cases that involve immigration consequences

My Spanish language skills make me the ideal liaison for many wishing to make America their home. Moreover, non-citizens facing terrible immigration consequences don't have to hire two lawyers: a criminal defense and an immigration lawyer. I can provide both services. There aren't many immigration practitioners who are trial lawyers with my experience and background. I was also a trial advocate who represented Native Americans before the Federal Indian Courts (Court of Indian Offenses) and Non-CFR (Federal) courts.

I gained unforgettable experience in the Native American legal system during these proceedings. I was honored and grateful for the opportunity to represent a very proud and almost forgotten segment of the American population.

I am the attorney for you. I'll fight for your
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Immigration Lawyer, I can represent anyone in the United States.

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